The Essence of Spirituality

For the first time in Hungary.


Incorporating the launch of his first book in the Hungarian language: The Simplicity of Love Meditation

“In the world today, people are saying, that they have had enough of the old paradigms and the old systems and they want to change. They don’t know what they want to change, they don’t know how to change but they want to change, and that clarity creates a power that has a very real and powerful effect in the world. It changes what most people thought was quite impossible to change a few years ago, and that is not even through conscious spiritual work. The change is due to the intention being so strong that it changes and pushes away the old paradigms so that there is the possibility and the space for, we as a collective humanity, to birth something new.”
Tony Samara

Tony Samara, world-renowned spiritual teacher & author of 16 books, has been sharing deep spiritual work & energy transmission for the evolution of consciousness for 30 years. Combining meditation, detoxing the body, a plant-based diet & a simple lifestyle, he is best known for how his work touches more deeply than words.

Tony Samara is an expert in the field of meditation and believes that illuminating your highest capacities and becoming the greatest possible version of yourself, is a very real possibility.

During the workshop, Tony Samara will offer practical advice and guidance about many aspects relevant in our everyday situations, to empower us on our journey of life.

  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Enlightenment
  • Thought Processes
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Communication
  • Child-rearing
  • Intention
  • Happiness
  • Health & Nutrition

This life-transforming event will allow participants a wonderful opportunity to connect deeply to consciousness, joy & awareness.

The workshop is held by: Tony Samara

Date: 4th November 2017. 14:30-17:30

Price: 16 300,- Ft

By tickets: HERE

Schedule a 30 minutes personal conversation:
Price: 19 000,- Ft

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